ROMVAC company’s distribution network consists of a central warehouse and 35 regional warehouses, two companies under contract distributor in Bucharest and Ilfov county, and in Constanţa and 5 authorized dealers.

The distribution network supplying rhythmic county’s 14 commercial companies veterinarians, 619 veterinary pharmaceutical companies, veterinarians 1639 dealers and 213 private veterinarians freelancers, promoting, distributing and if necessary, use products.

Also, the network shall ensure supplies to livestock producers, regardless of herd size and shape they own property.

With our customers we have in promoting collaboration, sale and use of products based on providing sourcing and payment facilities and information exchange.

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Farmacia Romvac – șos. Centurii, nr. 7, Voluntari, jud. Ilfov; 021 350 31 09, int. 237; farm_centru@romvac.ro

Farmacia Pongo București – str. Pantelimon, nr. 244 – 246, București, în incinta Kaufland Pantelimon; 0372 779 616, kauflandpa@romvac.ro

Farmacia Ceptura – com. Ceptura, sat Ceptura de jos, corp 1 – str. Principală; 0244 445 840, farm_ceptura@romvac.ro

Farmacia Pongo Alexandria – str. București, nr. 169, Alexandria, jud. Teleorman – în incinta Kaufland Alexandria; 0372 779 614, kauflandalexandria@romvac.ro

Farmacia Slobozia – Bd. Matei Basarab, nr. 32, bl D4, parter, Slobozia, jud. Ialomița, 0372 777 238, kauflandil@romvac.ro

Farmacia Focșani – Bd-ul Garii, nr. 28, Focșani

Farnacia Călărași – str. Flacara, nr. 10, bl C1, sc 1, Parter, Călărași

Farmacia Iasi – Sos. Pacurari, nr. 58, bl. 551-552, parter, Iasi, 0372.702.208, kauflandis@romvac.ro