Romvac Company S.A was founded in 1974, first as the Laboratory of Avian Tumoral Viruses (LVTA), within the Avian Production Center. LVTA was producing at that time a single vaccine against Marek disease, first time in Europe, reaching an yearly production of  20 million doses, in 1977.

Later in 1981, LVTA became The Center of Research and Biopreparations for Poultry and Small Animals (CCBPAM) where up to 1990, more than 30 biological products had been manufactured, covering the entire vaccine demand for the large avian farms of Romania as well as certain vaccines for foxes, rabbits and dogs.

In 1990, after taking over the assets and liabilities of CCBPAM, it became ROMVAC COMPANY S.A. – Voluntari, a few minutes away from Bucharest. Romvac starts producing vaccines for cattle, sheep and swine and also drugs.

In 1995, Romvac became MEBO-privatized company.


With a turnover of more than 12 452 892 Euro, ROMVAC COMPANY S.A. manufactures today more than 60 biological products (vaccines, imaging substances and diagnosis kits) and 200 medicinal products for veterinary use: general tonics and rehydration products, vitamin-mineral premixes, growth promoters and vitamins, antimicrobials and antimycotics, antiparasitic drugs, products for disinfection, disinsection and pest control, local anti-infectious, healing, desensitizing and antitoxic products.

Nowadays, the Company is renowned for providing a wide range of products of all kind (solutions, pills, powders, creams etc.) for all animal species in Romania.

Romvac has modern control laboratories for drugs and vaccines.

The company has its own Sanitary – Veterinary and Food Safety Laboratory (LSVSA). This laboratory is sanitary – veterinary approved and accredited by RENAR. Here one can make all the necessary blood tests, the treatment schedule is indicated and the products are provided.

Due to its own distribution network (35 regional warehouses and 8 Romvac pharmacies), the company is representative for the veterinary medicine, providing not only its own products but also more than 1200 drugs and animal husbandry products manufactured by international companies.

Since 2010, Romvac has also been conducting activities in the  Imunoinstant Research and Development Laboratory for human use, with products based on immunoglobulin Y.


Our continued development and expansion in international markets have been possible through investment and the implementation of internationally recognized quality standards:
• Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP): ROMVAC Company has been accredited for the manufacture of veterinary pharmaceuticals by the Regulatory Authority – ANSVSA, obtaining the GMP GMP Certificate of Good Manufacturing in 2004. Since then, ROMVAC has consolidated its position and has been continually improving in the manufacture of veterinary pharmaceuticals and compliance with GMP requirements, with certifications being updated in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2016.
• Integrated Management System: Quality – Environment – Occupational Health and Safety, in compliance with SR EN ISO 9001: 2015, SR EN ISO 14001: 2015 and SR OHSAS 18001: 2008 Reference Standards.
Since 2010, Romvac has been certified by ANCS (National Authority for Scientific Research) as a research unit under the scientific coordination of the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences.
The company owns its own Sanitary-Veterinary Food Safety Laboratory (LSVSA) which was accredited RENAR in 2016 as required by SR EN ISO 17025: 2005 for the technical competence of animal health, bacteriology and virology testing.
Since 2015, Romvac has a new and extremely modern Laboratory of Research and Development in the field of human medicine, its work on research into the production and use of specific antibody (IgY) food supplements. Immunoglobulin Y therapy is recommended within the Romvac Authorized Complementary / Alternative Medicine Cabinet, which is part of the Romvac Company S.A. Research and Development Department. It started its activity in 2016, after the launch of Imunoinstant products.


Romvac has been selling its products on three continents, in countries like Lithuania, Nigeria, Albania, Kosovo, Malta, Macedonia, Georgia, Kuwait, Moldova, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Hungary, Iraq, Iran, Italy and Qatar. Romvac has also submitted registration files in Egypt.