The design and contents of this website are the sole property of Romvac Company SA and are protected by intellectual property laws.

SC. ROMVAC COMPANY SA, with business address in Voluntari, Şoseaua Centurii nr.7, Ilfov, 077190, registered at the Trade Register Office by the Court of Bucharest under no. J/23/754/2001, CUI 482384, bank account opened at BCR-Unirea, RO66 RNCB 0082 0030 8114 0001, Tel: 021-350.31.06., Fax: 021-350.31.10, e-mail :, is the company marketing the products within the on-line store on


The terms “website”, “this website” and “the website” used in this document refer to the website

Visitor – any person visiting, regardless of reasons.

User – natural person who has or gets access to the contents by means of communication made available by Romvac Company SA (on-line) or under an agreement of use between Romvac Company SA. and the person in regard who needs the setup and use of a new account.

The term „contents” includes:
• all information on the website that can be visited, seen or otherwise accessed by using digital device;
• the contents of any e-mail sent by Romvac Company SA to its users or clients by on line means and/or any other available communication means;
• information on products, services and/or taxes of Romvac Company SA within a certain period of time.

Account – section of the website consisting of an e-mail address and a password allowing the client/user to send the order and which contains client data.

Order – on-line document as communication means between Romvac Company SA and client, by which the client informs Romvac Company SA of his/her intention to purchase products via

Client – natural person as user of the website having placed at least one order on this website.

Remote agreement – any agreement entered into by a company and a consumer on remote sales or service purposes, without physical presence of both, upon exclusive use of one or more remote communication means, up to the termination of the agreement.

CAMPAIGN – exhibition for commercial purposes, exclusively on-line and via the website only, of a determined number of products with limited and pre-determined stock, for a limited period of time established by Romvac .

NEWSLETTER / NOTIFICATION – regular, exclusively on-line means of information, on-line mail (e-mail, SMS) on products, services and /or promotions performed by Romvac within a certain time, free from any agreement of Romvac regarding information enclosed.

TRANSACTION – collection or reimbursement of an amount of money from the sale of a product / service by Romvac to a Client, via payment service provider agreed by Romvac , regardless of delivery method;

Personal information – information we collect from you, based on which you can be identified. This may include your name, PIN, address, phone number (including cell phone), nickname, e-mail address, age, gender and marital status, but other information as well such as shopping habits and preferences and lifestyle details such as hobbies and interests.
By using the Website/Contents/Service, the user is the sole responsible for all activities arising from its use. The user is also responsible for any property, intellectual, electronic or any other damages brought to the Website/Contents/Service, Romvac Company SA or to any other third party Romvac Company SA has signed contracts with, according to the Romanian law in force.

This website addresses to natural persons of minimum 18 years old, creating their account as per the accurate steps and who have not been suspended or cancelled by Romvac Company SA , regardless of reasons for suspension or cancellation. The online order option is available to Romanian residents. By becoming user, Romvac Company SA acknowledges the respective person meets the above-mentioned criteria.


2.1 Before visiting this website, please read carefully the following statements. They are the basis of the terms and conditions for you using all the information of this website. By accessing the website and its applications you explicitly and implicitly agree with all specified Terms and Conditions, under full contractual liability.

2.2 Romvac Company SA has the right to change at any time the contents of this website. In such an event, Romvac Company SA. shall inform the users by displaying information in the home page. Further using the website represents the positive confirmation from the user of the acceptance of changes brought to this contract.

3.1 The content, by definition, including but not limited to logos, representations, marketing symbols, still images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content shown on the website, are the sole property of Romvac Company SA., with all rights for this purpose, directly or indirectly (patents of use and /or publication).

3.2 Users may not copy, distribute, publish, transfer to third parties, change and/or alter in any other way, use, exhibit, include any other content in any other context than the original.

3.3 The information on the website are of interest to the general public, regarding, products, users’ reviews on the products and other information that Romvac Company SA. considers of interest for the public.

3.4 Romvac Company SA has the right to complete and change any information on this website. Romvac Company SA has the right to rectify potential gaps or errors of displaying that can occur after typewriting errors, lack of accuracy or software errors, without prior notice. By default, Romvac Company SA shall not be held responsible for possible price or product stock errors. Such errors shall not bind Romvac Company SA. to any action. Product prices and availability may suffer further modifications, as an impact of outer factors such as distributors’ pricing policy or product availability in store.

3.5 Generally, the information is free for the user. Nevertheless, Romvac Company SA. has the right to provide on this website certain services for a fee.

Except for users’ reviews, the content of – images, texts, graphics, symbols, WEB design elements, scripts, programs and other data – belongs to Romvac Company SA. and its providers, being protected by the copyright laws. Therefore, the use on marketing purposes, without Romvac Company SA consent, of any of the above-mentioned elements shall be punished as per the laws in force.

5.1 To register as user on, you must:
1) provide real, accurate and complete information on yourself as required in the website registration form;
2) update your information when necessary.
5.2 If information you provided is unreal, inaccurate or incomplete, Romvac Company SA. has the right to suspend or cancel your account and deny all current or future attempts of using the website.
5.3 Romvac Company SA. may, without any notice or circumstance and without justification to this extent, suspend or deny your access to the website content or part of its content.
5.4 The registration procedure requires you to chose a username and a password. You are responsible for the safety of your password as user of this website, and any activity you carry out here as user is your sole responsibility.
5.5 By using the registration form, the user allows Romvac Company SA to contact him/her by any possible means, including on-line mail (e-mail, SMS). Partial or full fill in of the contact details form does not bind Romvac to contacting the user or the client. Access on the website, use of website information, browsing the website or sending e-mails or notifications to Romvac are done on-line, by phone or by any other means of communication available to the user or client. Therefore, Romvac considers that the user or client has agreed to receive on-line and / or by phone notifications from Romvac Company SA, including e-mail, SMS or website news.

5.6 If website administrators suspend the user’s account, you are not entitled to any compensation.

5.7 Romvac has the right to ignore requests of any kind that are in no way related to the products/services on the website or under a contract with a Member or Client, that have been received by any means (on-line, phone, SMS, etc).

6. Newsletters and alerts

6.1 When the User or Client create an Account on the Website, they accept the Terms and Conditions and express their consent for receiving newsletters and/or alerts from Romvac Company SA , sent by on line mail (e-mail, SMS) and/or phone. The choice on the Client’s or User’s consent may be changed any time.
6.2 Data from the user or client for newsletters and/or alerts, may and shall be used by Romvac Company SA as per the Confidentiality Policy.
6.3 Cancelling newsletters and/or alerts by the user or client can be done any time:
6.3.1 using the link within any newsletters and/or alerts or calling the number displayed on the website in the “contact” section;
6.3.2 using the options in the Client’s Account for modification of acceptance or receiving newsletters and/or alerts;
6.3.3 contacting Romvac , using the available tools from the “SUPPORT” section, without any further commitment between parties.
6.4 Cancelling newsletters and/or alerts does not include cancellation of acceptance of the document.
6.5 Romvac has the right to select users or clients previously expressing their acceptance for newsletters and/or alerts to whom it shall send these newsletters and/or alerts, as well as the right to remove from the database any user or client without any further commitment from Romvac. In this case, the user or client may refer to the Customer Service Department of Romvac to receive the appropriate reasons regarding any decision and/or action of Romvac Company SA , under this article.
6.6. Romvac shall not include in newsletters and/or alerts sent to the user, no promotional material referring to any third party who is not partner of Romvac Company SA, at the time newsletters and/or alerts are being sent.

7. Confidentiality policy

7.1. Romvac gathers personal and special data (CNP) on its website only upon deliberate consent of the User or Client, for the following purposes:
• validation, delivery and invoicing of orders to the client;
• resolution of cancellation or any other issues concerning an order or a contract, services or products purchased;
• to provide access of the client to the service;
• sending regular newsletters and/or alerts, by on-line mail (e-mail, SMS) and/or phone;
• to contact the client upon his/her deliberate request;
• to contact the client on Customer Service matters;
• for statistics.
7.2 By creating an account, the user or client has expressly agreed that Romvac Company SA gather and administer its personal data under the conditions and provisions of Law 677/2001. Any Member or Client has the right to obtain from Romvac , by written and signed request, free of charge:
a) confirmation of processing or non processing of his/her data
b) if necessary, rectification, update, blocking or removal of data illegally processed, particularly of incomplete or inaccurate data;
c) if necessary, making illegally processed data anonymous;
d) based on the deliberate registration on Romvac website or on the access (order) of products/services 7.3 Romvac , the user or client agrees (consents) with the processing of personal data by Romvac in its own informational system, both manually and automatically, for the purposes specified in section 6.1, pursuant to art.5 paragraph.1 of Law no. 677/2001 on personal data processing and protection. Should the user or client not agree with processing of personal data by Romvac , he/she has the right to not use the website nor provide personal data to Romvac.
7.4 Any user has the right to disagree, at any time, free of charge and without sending a written and signed notice to Romvac, with the processing of data for direct marketing on behalf of the operator or a third party, or with disclosure to third parties for such purpose.
7.5 Romvac may automatically gather data (IP address, time of access, access place, name and internet browser version, operating system, including other parameters) provided by the internet browser through which the website is accessed and can use these data to improve services provided to its Clients or Users, or for statistical purposes; an exception is made if document provisions are breached, if User’s/Client’s actions are against interests or cause damages of any kind by Romvac Company SA and/or potential third parties under contract with Romvac Company SA at that moment. Romvac Company SA uses surveys sent via e-mail or made available on the website, to gather demographic data on the Client, profile and any other data on the preferences and behavior of clients; Romvac Company SA also uses customer satisfaction studies on Romvac Company SA related services. Such data are used for the study of clients’ preferences and for statistical analyses, both for the purpose of adapting the offer to Romvac Company SA clients. The client may always deliberately provide such data and may at any time cancel his/her participation in the survey without providing data and without any negative impact.
7.6 The client has the right to deny his/her personal data collection and to request removal of data, therefore recalling his/her consent on the document, resigning from any right herein, without any further obligation between parties and without recovery of damages.
7.7 For the exercise of right, the Client or User shall refer to Romvac Company SA, by one of the means specified in this contract.
7.8 Using the forms available on the website, the Client or User has the right to change the initial data, should any modification occur.
7.9 The confidentiality policy of Romvac Company SA is applicable only to data provided deliberately by the Client or Member on the website exclusively. Romvac Company SA shall not be held responsible for the confidentiality policy of any third party that can be related to it, regardless of their nature.
7.10 Romvac Company SA undertakes to use User’s/Client’s data only for the declared purposes and not to sell, rent, patent, transfer, etc. the database containing information on personal or special data of the User/Client to any third party not involved in complying with the specified purposes.
7.11 Exception from the provisions of art. 6.9 shall be made if transfer/accessing/visualization/etc are required by competent authorities for the purpose of laws in force at the date of the event.
6.12. Romvac Company SA guarantees that User’s personal data from the contact information section shall be used only until the issue communicated has been solved, after which these data become exclusively statistical.
6.13. Romvac Company SA shall not be held responsible for damages that may alter the security of the server hosting the database with these personal data.


The website may host links to other World Wide Web sites or resources. The owners of these websites are have full liability.
Romvac Company SA. shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss caused or assumed to have been caused by information provided by websites or resources accessed with these links.


For any information on product quality, trade mark or a certain brand or product, please contact the representative of the respective brand or the importer in Romania.


9.1 A part of the website content, which is texts, product descriptions, technical characteristics, images and symbols, has been made available to us by partner manufacturers and providers. Therefore, Romvac Company SA. shall not be held responsible for damages caused by errors, lack of accuracy or lack of update of information on the website.
9.2 The images on the website are shown as example and the products delivered may be different from the images on the website, in any way (color, accessories, appearance etc.)
9.3 Romvac Company SA shall not be held responsible for the users’ comments on the products, but has the right to remove any content that breaches the Terms and Conditions of this website or which is otherwise incompatible with the purpose of the website. Nevertheless, Romvac Company SA. shall not be held responsible for constant monitoring of the entire content hosted by the website.
9.4 Romvac Company SA. does not guarantee the in-store availability of all products on the website.
9.5 The displayed prices are for information purposes and may suffer changes. The price of products that have been ordered and confirmed shall not be changed between order confirmation and receipt of products by the client.
9.6 Romvac Company SA. shall not be held responsible for typewriting or displaying errors regarding prices, characteristics, images of products on the website.
9.7 Romvac Company SA. shall not be held responsible for damages, costs, processes, claims or expenses incurred as a result of breach of “Terms and conditions” by the user.
9.8 Romvac Company SA shall not be held responsible for damages arisen as a result of website malfunctioning and impossibility of accessing website links.

The promotions and contests on the website comply with the regulations created by Romvac Company SA. These regulations are made available to the users via the website or electronic mail only. To benefit from promotions, the orders must comply with the rules on the website. Promotions are available during the time mentioned and if no time is mentioned, they are limited to available stock on hand. Romvac Company SA. has the right to stop or cancel a promotion at any time without prior notice.

11.1 Select the products
Browse the website using the menu on the right side of the page or the main menu, via “Online Order”. Select the product you wish to add to the shopping cart and press “Add to shopping cart”, directly from the product list or from the product page. Select the quantity you wish in the special designated box. If the product you selected is the last on your order, press “Finish”. If you wish to modify your shopping cart, press “Update shopping cart” to save the changes. To remove a product from the shopping cart, press “remove” If you wish to continue browsing the website, press “Continue shopping”.
11.2 How do I buy?
If you are not a member on and wish to become one, fill in the empty boxes in “New account” with your personal data. By completing your data in “New account” you are automatically registered on
If you are already a member, press “Finish” on the right side and then press “Log-In”.
11.3 How do I pay?
The payment method is “on delivery” when you receive the products from Romvac Company SA via the currier.
11.4 Delivery
Products are delivered at the address stated in the „delivery address” section in your account, via a currier operator or a Romvac Company SA representative. In such case, you shall pay the delivery cost if the VAT included invoice is less than 300 lei. If the VAT included invoice exceeds 300 lei, delivery is free anywhere in Romania.
11.5 Payment methods
On delivery – The order is paid upon delivery carried out by a currier operator or a Romvac Company SA representative. Payment shall include delivery cost as per ART 4.
11.6 Before pressing “Finish”, read “Terms and conditions” and tick the appropriate box if you agree with the terms. After finishing the order you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
11.7 For any other information or details or complaints on the order, send an e-mail to
11.8 Your product invoice shall be issued by Romvac Company SA. with the above-mentioned data.

12.1 Delivery to Client of products/services shall be carried out via a currier operator or a Romvac Company SA representative.
12.2 Delivery takes place within 48 – 72 hours from the moment of receiving the order. If the product is not delivered on time, the Client will be informed via e-mail on a new delivery time. The new delivery time shall not exceed 30 days from the order.


13.1 The client shall bear the costs of products and delivery. Romvac Company SA. does not charge the client with any additional cost at purchase. If any additional costs are required, please inform us immediately at If the ordered product is not on stock, the client will be informed in respect.
13.2 If products are to be delivered at the address / residence indicated by the client, a delivery cost will be charged if the VAT included invoice is less than 300 lei. The delivery cost is 15 lei VAT included in Romania.
13.3 All costs for products and services on the website are expressed in lei (RON) and are VAT included.

14. Warranties

14.1 Romvac Company SA guarantees that it is duly authorized to sell the products foreseen in this contract and has obtained and maintains the patents and/or authorizations to this extent, including from the manufacturer.
14.2 Romvac Company SA guarantees that all products are free from any duties, rights of retention, liabilities and restrictions and from any right of a Third party, do not have any unseen flaws, comply with the quality standards required by the Romanian laws in force, are safe and are not harmful for the health and/or safety of the users, the packages bear information in Romanian and are accompanied by the leaflet approved by competent authorities, certificate of compliance and all other documents that may be required by Romanian authorities at any time during execution of the contract and shall make available to the user all documents related to the products.
14.3 Romvac Company SA is responsible for the quality of Products, within shelf life, complying with transport, handling and storage conditions. Romvac Company SA is responsible for damages arising from the use of products as per the law in force.
14.4 WITHDRAWAL FROM THE MARKET. Romvac Company SA must and is authorized to decide if any product batch should be withdrawn from the market, being non compliant or susceptible of non compliance. Romvac Company SA shall inform or notify all competent authorities on its intention of withdrawal of a product which is or is not susceptible of non compliance. Romvac Company SA and the user must inform one another immediately on any withdrawal action that might impair the products. Romvac Company SA shall bear all the costs of withdrawal from the market.

15.1 As per the O.U.G. no. 34/2014 regarding users’ rights under contracts with specialists, as well as for the completion and modification of legal documents, the user has the right to notify in written Romvac Company SA. on the withdrawal from the remote contract, without justification and without additional charges, within 14 calendar days, from the day of receiving the product/products.
15.2 As such, the user has the right, within 14 calendar days, from the day of receiving the product/products, to send a notification via e-mail, at communicating his decision to return the ordered products. To benefit from the withdrawal right, please fill in the withdrawal form.
15.3 You shall, within 14 days after communication of your withdrawal decision, return the products to this address: Sos Centurii nr 7, Voluntari, Ilfov, Romania. The products must be accompanied by the invoice they have been delivered with and the payment proof.
15.4 Romvac Company SA. shall reimburse the cost of products within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the products at the above-mentioned address. If products have not been received within 14 days after the date of the withdrawal form, Romvac Company SA. shall reimburse the cost of products as soon as they have been received.
15.5 Romvac Company SA shall reimburse the cost of products and delivery by wire transfer to the account specified by the client. The cost of transfer shall be borne by the client.
15.5 If the client wishes to return a part of the order, which is only some of the ordered products, Romvac Company SA. shall reimburse the cost of products the client wishes to return, without the delivery cost. The cost of transfer shall be borne by the client in this case as well.
15.6 The user may not unilaterally report (pursuant to art.16, letters d) and e) from O.U.G. no. 34/2014) delivery contracts of some products which, through their nature, cannot be returned, products which may rapidly deteriorate or damage.
15.7 The products to be returned must be sealed, intact and undamaged.

16.1 According to Law no. 677/2001 on personal data protection and free circulation of these data, as amended, Romvac Company SA is bound to administer under safe conditions and for the specified purpose only, your personal data.
16.2 By completing the data necessary for creating the account and/or ordering products, the client declares and accepts expressly and thoroughly that all these personal data be stored, used and processed by the operator as per the above-mentioned purposes.
16.3 According to Law no. 677/2001 on personal data processing, you are entitled to: information (art. 12); access to data (art. 13); modification of data (art. 14); denying data processing (art. 15); freedom from individual decision (art. 17); legal actions (art. 18).


Any disagreement arising from or in connection with this contract shall be solved amicably. Otherwise, the dispute shall be forwarded to the competent law courts from the business territory of SC Romvac Company SA.